About DOMA

We care deeply for our patients and their well-being.

Our Mission

At DOMA we believe in the fundamental osteopathic principle that within the body, mind, and spirit lie the cure for many of life's ailments.

It is the job of the physician not merely to diagnose diseases and prescribe remedies, but to facilitate and actualize your own inherent self healing apparatus.

As delineated by its founder A.T. Still, the goal of the physician is to bring about health as a means of treating disease. This is the meaning of salutogenesis. This involves seeing the patient as a whole, not merely a sum of disease states that require a list of prescriptions. It involves understanding the person and all their totality of thoughts, feelings, behaviors, relationships, and goals. It requires understanding the complexity of the individual rather than fitting them into a diagnostic category.

In traditional osteopathy the patient is truly the healer, while the physician is the guide through the process of healing.

Through my practice as an emergency physician I have treated patients with a variety of ailments both acute and chronic. Over my years of practice I have become aware of how many disease states come about due to a lack of balance in our lives. In life we are assaulted by various stresses, demands, biological and mental insults, and traumas that set us off balance. This oftentimes results in inadequate, short-term coping mechanisms that foster disease.  As an osteopath I have been trained to seek root causes in disease. I believe through encouraging and guiding healthful behaviors, addressing residual traumas, and empowering patients to take charge of their vitality that incredible change can take place.

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