The capacity to heal is within

At D'Souza Osteopathic Medical Arts, we leverage classic wisdom with cutting edge science to promote physiological resilience and longevity

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Our Mission


At DOMA we believe in the fundamental osteopathic principle - that within the body, mind, and spirit lie the cure for many of life's ailments. It is the job of the physician not merely to diagnose diseases and prescribe remedies, but to facilitate and actualize your own inherent self-healing process.

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To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease."
What is Osteopathy?

A hands on approach to whole person care

Osteopathy is a holistic philosophy of health and medicine.  It holds that the individual constitutes a vital unity of body, mind, and spirit to be treated as an integral whole rather than a sum of disease processes.

Its mission is to find the health and vitality of the patient. Operating from the belief that innate within the human body lie the most powerful remedies to many of life's ills, osteopathic physicians seek health as a means of regaining homeostatic balance, and bringing about healing. Founded by 19th century physician Andrew Taylor Still, Osteopathy developed as a drugless means of treating illness, and gained great traction as a result of its success. Using a whole person approach and manual techniques for diagnosis and treatment, osteopathy has evolved alongside traditional medicine to employ modern empiric methods and techniques for the treatment of pain and fostering of health.

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Read what patients have to say

Katie, age 34

“I went to Dr. D’Souza for neck pain. After seeking chiropractic work and pain medication the pain was still present. After precise manipulation and careful pushing on pressure points, Dr. Dan was able to release the tension I held. I highly recommend Dr. D’Souza - his patience and passion come through in his work as he takes the time to explain what he is doing along the way.”

Ivan, age 68

“I am a retired physician and for the last 4-5 years before retirement was plagued by low back pain, that interfered with my quality of life and prevented me from many activities. I had seen Sports Medicine Specialists and Physiatrists, and was given physiotherapy and prescriptions with no significant response. I resigned myself to what I thought was the reality of aging. At my wife’s persistence I skeptically allowed Dr D'Souza to treat me. To my surprise I did notice an immediate response and with the exercises I was given, I am now pain free unless I do something I am not supposed to. My relief has lasted over 6 months at the time of this testimonial. My only regret was not having this therapy years earlier”

Patricia, age 74

 “After suffering a neck injury in a car accident many years ago, I tried many therapies including heat , physiotherapy , TENS, and massage, which gave temporary or minimal relief. After several OM treatments the pain and dysfunction in my neck is greatly relieved and my chronic headaches are as well! I have so much appreciation for Dr. D’Souza’s compassionate care.”

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